During this week the Otep Konsulting team has carried out training training for the staff of the clinics of the renowned dermatologist, Dr. Agustin Viera in the city of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.

During a whole morning the technicians of their clinics practiced and knew the depth of Dermalinfusion, its advantages and incredible results that they witnessed themselves.

The Otep Konsulting team led by Leticia Buzón presented the treatment together with the clinical studies carried out in the United States. He also explained the advanced timed beauty technology.
Dr. Viera affirmed that «Dermalinfusion is a revolutionary procedure in the world of medical devices that allows the patient a 360º treatment of their pathologies, helping to obtain a skin that is much more receptive to other types of procedures such as lasers or a radio. frequency”

From Otep Konsulting we welcome the IVALIA family to the world of Dermalinfusion and we appreciate their kindness and enthusiasm during the training sessions. In special to:
Coordinating dermatologist of the Ivalia clinic: Dr. Agustín Viera Ramírez
Director of the Dermia Canarias Group:Natalia Falcón Millán
Ivalia Coordinator: Ruth Falcón Sánchez

Technical staff:
Yaiza Arjona Montesdeoca
Cristina Durante del Toro
Vanessa Hernández Bolaños
Brenda León Escobar
Yasmina Suarez Monaga
Cristina Pérez Hernández
Patricia Rodriguez Sánchez
Damaris Santana Montesdeoca
Cristina Santana Brito

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