In the picture: from left to right: Curt Hanson, Vice President of Envy Medical, Leticia D. Buzón, Managing Director of Otep Konsulting and Mitch Halpen, Envy Medical.

Dermalinfusion it is already in Spain thanks to Otep Konsulting and proof of this is that we have been present at the 8th edition of one of the most important fairs of aesthetic medicine and laser, the 5CC in Barcelona. And our presence could not have been more successful.

Dermalinfusion is the new generation in dermabrasion and skin rejuvenation that is revolutionizing the market. At our stand we have been able to see how different personalities, such as the famous Israeli doctor Lilach Kaplan, saw the impressive results it causes on the skin from the first session. Dr. Kaplan recommends its use and encourages medical centers to try it and see the benefits on their patients’ skin.

En la imagen: La Dra. Lilach Kaplan en pleno tratamiento

Mitch Halpert, Envy Medical, tells us that “Dermalinfusion uses a unique technology of timed beauty, which allows exfoliating, extracting and infusing with serums in a single step. Eliminating the time between steps, acting at the right time for greater skin receptivity.”

Another of the medical references who was able to verify the effectiveness of Dermalinfusion was the renowned dermatologist Vicent Alonso, who was surprised by the treatment. Alonso highlighted the good visible results, the ease and comfort in the application and its benefits in the face of different skin problems. Dr. Alonso will be part of the brand’s medical board in Spain.

Plastic surgeon Ernesto Sona, who also witnessed the treatment, said his results were very positive. Along with him, many foreign doctors discovered the benefits of Dermalinfusion, among them the Austrian doctor Katrin Bartsch, who highlighted the medical part of it.

At the fair, Leticia Buzón and Pablo Hernández were present as managers of Otep Konsulting, Mitch Halpert and Curt Hanson from Envy Medical.

Thousands of visitors came to the 8th Edition of the 5CC in Barcelona, ​​who passed by the Dermalinfusion stand, asking about the characteristics of the brand and were surprised by the results seen and by the clinical studies carried out. Undoubtedly, a unique experience that has served Otep Konsulting to present the timed beauty revolution at the national level.
In the picture: Envy Medical Vice President Curt Hansonm receiving the Dermalinfusion treatment during the show.

El la imagen: El Vicepresidente de Envy Medical, Curt Hansonm, recibiendo el tratamiento Dermalinfusion durante la feria.

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